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Women In Ministry

Women serve in all aspects of the church in various leadership roles. As clergy, women are prepared to lead and should be given every opportunity as their male colleagues. As we seek equality and equity in our communities, it is imperative that the church set the standard by doing the same.



Clergy and Lay working together in shared leadership is the only way that we can fulfill the gospel mandate by ministering to the needs of the people. Working together is crucial in the growth, development and stability of our church.



Young Adults throughout the world are starting businesses; they serve as CEOs and have other leadership positions, but in many ways are left out of leadership in our church. In order for our church to grow, young adults must be included in leadership and given the opportunity to utilize their God given abilities and talents in the life of the church.



Chaplains are gifted with various skills that if given the opportunity can undergird and enhance ministries within our local churches. Chaplains are leaders whether serving on their base or in the hospital setting and should have the opportunity to utilize their giftedness within the district and church where they serve.

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